• Merbau


    Indonesian pineapple, Malaysia pineapple, South American pineapple, African pineapple and other shiny. The wood texture is deep interlaced; the structure is coarse; the quality is hard; the strength is high; the dry shrinkage is very small.
  • Anticorrosive wood

    Anticorrosive wood

    Using imported high-quality wood as raw materials, through ACQ new environmental protection wood preservatives, using advanced anti-corrosion technology processing!
  • Carbonized wood

    Carbonized wood

    In the absence of any chemical conditions, highlight the surface of concave and convex wood grain, produce a three-dimensional effect, can reflect the role of wood corrosion and biological invasion. Immediate consultation
  • Landscape engineering

    Landscape engineering

    Professional designers design one to one to meet customers' needs and achieve wood functions, uses and diversities.

Shanghai Nanqi Industrial Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in wood processing, wood trade, wood products production, landscape design and construction, construction equipment leasing, building materials sales and other related businesses. The company's headquarters is located in the forefront city of Shanghai, and its subordinate units are located in Jiangsu, Sichuan, Shandong, Jiangxi, Fujian, Manzhouli and other places. Integration of high-quality resources around the country, dedicated to building outdoor landscape engineering supporting, urban infrastructure projects supporting the first-class brand enterprises.
For Nanqi Industry: Nanqi Team has 30 R&D technical teams through 10 years of development, each factory production team more than 100 people, the team is our home, with unity to strengthen our Nanqi has high-quality, efficient sales team, production team, construction team, after-sales service team, etc., with management team as the core. Do our jobs, learn to speed up our growth, and innovate to make our projects more perfect. For each of you: if you have the technology that is seeking the market, if you have the creativity that is seeking practice, if you have a project that is seeking collaboration with a team, if you have the ability to be looking for a platform, if you have... Nanqi will be your ideal choice, we are willing to stretch out our hands, with you to create a better future.

At the end of 2006

Nanqi founding team gathered in Shanghai to create the first factory....


Participate in the establishment of the Antiseptic Wood Committee of the China Wood Products Circulation Association,.....


Nanjing plant responds to market demand, takes the lead in increasing production, ....


South flag set up Jiangsu Taicang wood source area, ....


Taicang Nanqi Wood Industry Co., Ltd. was registered and set up,....


Shanghai has established a standardized marketing center....

August 2017

Subsidiary Taicang North Flag Building Materials Co.,....


Taicang Nanqi Wood Industry has set up "Huada Branch" and "Jiangyin Carbonized Wood Factory" .. ..